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Mer Liquify
>> CAT ICE TRICKSTER 2017 -2018 2 screen HD audio visual piece for Kode9 and Ø at Corsica Studios, 2017. https://vimeo.com/261917048
And in 'glimmer breach' at IMT gallery, 2018. https://vimeo.com/260984258
>> MIASMAexperimental audiovisual piece for The Res Gallery, London’s video exhibition and research project in response to the KRH Experimental Video Collection. 2018. https://vimeo.com/260984258
>> MATTER FICTIONS CATALOGUE2018 publication for the group exhibition at the Berardo Museum, Lisbon. 2016.
>> THE THINGS THAT KNOWLEDGE CANNOT EATBook chapter with Delphi Carstens for 'Fiction As Method', Sternberg Press 2017.

Our current concerns in art making are around encounters with speculative narrative, ecology, quantum universe, a meeting of ancient cosmologies, presence and futurity, and the expanded spatial and temporal scales of geopolitical pressure. Our aim always is to complicate the distinctions between material and immaterial phenomena and dimensions, both in content and media, often creating intricate and excessive surfaces in material form. We continue to work with moving images and ancient predictive technologies to create non-linear narratives and installations using complex, liminal and baroque aesthetics that proposes a tactile and fluid materiality.

Unruly City is the first iteration of the ongoing 0rphan Drift media project, also titled Unruly City. It is built around Hexagram 49 of the I-Ching, presented to the artists Mer Maggie Roberts and Ranu Mukherjee during a reading intended to guide this project. It charts a course through a shifting urban imaginary emerging in the shadow of climate change and bio-capital, creating an amalgamation of potential spaces, materialities and creaturely life.

We addressed two questions in Unruly City:
Is it possible for the seeds of the old form of urban, where culture can be created regardless of economic power, to be carried into the future, despite this form of organic urbanity becoming less dominant? Can a creature, in the act of becoming, be an agent for storing that which is being disappeared?

Treating the hexagram reading as a partial score, these video clips revolve around the description of a ritual for the new year: "At new year, dances when the exorcists, dressed in bearskins and wearing bear masks with 4 golden metal eyes would drive out the old year animals pushing them over the edge of the world into renewal and change. Humans also wore bear masks and dressed as other genders. Old things were destroyed. Everything moves into a liminal state, the fertile chaos called Change."

Unruly City is in some way generating a space in which this fertile chaos manifests.