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Ariadne's Gone Virtual :: 1995

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Installation; video, televisions, photos, fabric, words, sound, string, paint
Underwood Street Gallery, London

In 1995, just after its inaugural exhibition, 0(rphan>)drift> manifested 'Ariadne's Gone Virtual- a dark maze of video, physical and textual objects installed in the Underwood Street Gallery, London.


ARIADNE`S GONE VIRTUAL..........JUNE 14 - JULY 4, 1995...... ......THURSDAY-SUNDAY, 1.00-7.00pm........................... ..OPENING: ..............TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 7.OO - 11.00pm... ....HATCHPATTERNS.........THEIR EYES GLOWED WITH FASCINATION FEVER.........FLIRTATION GAMES........CLEAR ALL GHOSTED.... .....SURGICAL GAMES...............NAVIGATE 0RPHAN DRIFT>... @ 30 UNDERWOOD STREET LONDON N17JX.

A labyrinth or network of paths - image/text/sound fusion. 0rphan Drift> is building a labyrinth which is inside out, or without walls. It is composed of surfaces; video, material fabrics, and objects(or navigational tools) which make up spaces, or zones. In these zone stories are told through images and sound, and the stories, like us, move through different states. These stories are of the interfaceadaption- danger circuit that is our lives. This is a nervous network, a schizoid novel visualized- made experiential.

Press enter.

Awake inside a video game. This game will not offer you a target to destroy.Rather you are in a space where you have to learn to navigate and adapt, because it never stays the same. Your identity must become mutable and hyper aware.Navigation through response.
Fabric and video are the textured surfaces that allow stories to manifest themselves - seeping through these skin-like spaces.

The Sandman steals your dreams and re-sorts them into a code. Ariadne's thread was a spider on LSD and caffeine. While she slept waiting the thread injected the web directly into her bloodstream. These stone walls that tried to protect the search to the center acted as camouflage for the messages that Ariadne received in her sleep.

Each event created under the name 0rphan Drift> is a collaboration cutting through disputes between technology and being.

This exibition constitutes one into a chain of events creating O.D. pattern. Patterning.................

0rphan Drift> events include:
- Possession, a performance/lecture at Royal College of Art, March 1995.
- 0rphan Drift> cyberpositive, Cabinet Gallery, until May 20,1995.
- 0rphan Drift> cyberpunk novel to be launched mid-June 1995.
- Reading for Underground at 121 Center, Railton Rd, Brixton, May 19.
- Death Simstim - multimedia performance, Virtual Futures 1995
Conference, Warwick University, May 1995.
- Club visuals in and around London.

0rphan Drift> is reviewed in the June issue of i-D Magazine, the next issue of Wired UK, the May issue of Art Review, Time Out and Audio Arts.

Contact Orphan Drift> 100 Agar Grove, London NW1 9TL.
Tel. 0171 428 0753

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