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Hybridized :: 1999

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0rphan Drift : Hybridised
Hybridised Video Sleeve
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This video mix was made to showcase the Syzygy avatars, and was for sale at Syzygy and thereafter.

The audio tracks for each avatar were commissioned for Hybridized and were part of the DJ sets during the Syzygy performances.

Some of this work has been remixed for CTM Berlin, 2013.

0rphan Drift : Hybridised : 5:4 Katak. Hybridised Mix.
5:4 Katak. Hybridised Mix.
Audio: Dead Spider Position by Kanal

Video length: 6.20 minutes
  0rphan Drift : Hybridised : 3:6 Splice. Hybridised Mix.
3:6 Splice. Hybridised Mix.
Audio: Arsebender 2000 by Sadist

Video length: 2.56 minutes
  0rphan Drift : Hybridised : 2:7 Xes. Hybridised Mix.
2:7 Xes. Hybridised Mix.
Audio: Devil Doll by Ocosi

Video length: 4.15 minutes
0rphan Drift : Hybridised : 1:8 Murmur. Hybridised Mix.
1:8 Murmur. Hybridised Mix.
Audio: Surge 8:1___7:2 by Kode 9

Duration: 9.20 minutes
  0rphan Drift : Hybridised : 9:0 IIS. Hybridised Black Box Remix.
9:0 IIS. Hybridised Black Box Remix.
Audio by Kanal

Video length: 7.30 minutes
  0rphan Drift : Hybridised : Spiderman. Video for Apache 61 track release.
Spiderman. Video for Apache 61 track release.
Audio: Spiderman by Apache 61

Video length: 5.53 minutes
0rphan Drift : Hybridised : 9006
Audio: Time Artificial by YourFace
This mix, fusing 90 and 36 frequencies, was first screened at Raindance Film Festival in the same year.

Duration: 10.40 minutes