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TIME RELATION:	time rider. passes on time.
TRAVELS IN:		lightening, electricity. thunder storms.

5 to 2  p r e s s u r e  through  s c h i z o  to path of ruin exhaling insanity into 1 the
 I n v I s I b l e s through w e b m a k e r  to path of breath into p h y s i c a l t e l e p a t h y through m a g n e t I c m u t a t I o n  into  t r i c k s t e r  t o u c h . (the crypt)

0rphan Drift : Becoming Cyberpositive : Syzygy

Syzygy, housed at Beaconsfield Arts, was a series of 5 performances embedded within an installation and framed as an alternative calendar in response to the mythic and looming Y2K. orphan Drift, in collaboration with the CCRU, became artist, producer, curator and director, organizing components of the project around five avatars as embodiments of different combinations of elemental and technological characteristics. The CCRU focused on a decimal labyrinth describing the calendrical function and movement of the avatars, or 'demons' while 0D focused on the manifestation of the avatars as wall collages and the calendar in audio visual performances. Computers had been integrated into our process by now, and a friction between digital and analogue signal visibly embedded in the work.

Each of 5 weekends the basic installation became populated by one of our guiding avatars through live audiovisual performances. The video, audio and performers were all infused with the spirit of the current avatar and encouraged the audience to also become possessed. Syzygy took full advantage of the cavernous nature of Beaconsfield's singular performance space- projecting 3 walls of immersive motion filled video and surrounded participants with live electronica. The performers choreographed motions to mimic the nature of each avatar, creating friction between their human scale and that of the video and capitalizing on the feeling of being at the bottom of a large canyon with the intention of physically pulling people out of time (and into.....)

Original sound was produced by Kode9, Apache61 and Ocosi.