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0rphan Drift. Cinematic We began here to replace the sample with the re-make, taking a more cinematic approach to production as well as amplifying our references to cinema as a ubiquitous medium of transmission. In retrospect it could be that we saw cinema changing rapidly and anticipated it becoming nostalgia in the future. We began to remake scenes from films and cut them into remakes of scenes from our own lives, as a way of producing a sense of deja-vu in the viewer, as well as describing the much discussed slippage between fiction and reality, theoretically occurring through extensive exposure to electronic media.

Using the African and Voudou trickster meme, we were tracing the forces that create connections and change, liminal spaces, other worlds - embracing science fiction, inducing effects, spinning forces, complicating the distinctions between material and immaterial phenomenon. Finding seams between zones.