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Delphi Carstens Hyperstition Tedx :: 2013

Hyperstition. Tedx Talk by Delphi Carstens. Video by Mer (Maggie) Roberts, 0rphan Drift

Capetown held a very successful series of Tedx Talks in 2012, which are all available on YouTube. Delphi Carstens talked on the core subject of his phd, Hyperstition, in relation to current global concerns and frequencies. He spoke with a specially edited 0rphan Drift video playing behind him. Check out his interview with the originator of the term, Nick Land, and his synopsis and interpretation of Nick's theory, on the Mer Liquify website,

http://merliquify.com/blog/articles/hyperstition-an-introduction and http://merliquify.com/blog/articles/hyperstition